OLENS Real Ring Lenses Review

Hellloooo I am back with another review from OLENS! After seeing the Real Ring range launch daily lenses, I knew I had to try it out 😍 Monthlies are comfortable and all too, but I think you really can’t beat dailies for convenience and comfort!! Let’s delve in to the review properly since you guys already know how it’s gonna go down πŸ‘€

P.S. If you’re looking for other reviews, I have recently reviewed the OLENS Eyelighter Glowy series, and you can click in to my FULL OLENS reviews under my collection tag HERE. I am a huge fan of coloured contacts and routinely post detailed reviews of my favourite lenses, so stay tuned for more reviews to come! If you’re due a major shopping haul soon– happy reading! I hope my comparisons will help you decide 😎

If you stick all the way till the end of the post, you may see something that will help ease the burden on your wallet the next time you buy πŸ˜‰

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Product Real Ring Gray/ Brown
Description The toned-up shades and deep dark outer ring gives a ring light effect to your eyes. It naturally changes the iris color only with minimal enlargement. These daily lenses are upgraded with Puscon material.
Duration 1 Day (10 pieces)
Total Diameter 14.2 mm
Graphic_Diameter 12.5 mm
Base Curve 8.7 mm
Water Content 48%
Material Puscon
Power 0.00~-8.00

The Real Ring series was previously launched as a monthly lens, so it isn’t new for avid buyers of OLENS. They’ve now launched the Real Ring range in dailies format, which is a huge upgrade (to me) IMO.

I am a huge advocate for dailies, because I am someone who tends to be quite careless and lazy about caring for my lenses, and I don’t wear them everyday especially when I’m in the office, as air-conditioned rooms can be super drying and cause discomfort after many hours of combined wear time and eye strain from computer screens.

The dailies also use the upgraded Puscon material with higher water content of 48%, which equals even more comfort for your eyes.


olens, contact lens, coloured contacts, brown lenses, grey lenses, gray lenses, olens review
olens, contact lens, coloured contacts, brown lenses, olens review

The Real Ring Brown lenses are very subtle and beautiful, and they give me that beautiful ‘my eyes but better’ effect. This image was taken with sunlight streaming in, and you can see a slight variance in brown here- the brown in the lenses are a softer, lighter, more neutral/ muted shade while my original eye colour is warmer and slightly darker.

It is super natural and mimics your eyes to a T- if I didn’t label it, I think there’ll be a couple of you getting it mixed up for sure! This range is a favourite of my bestie- she has darker eyes than me, and it gives her a slight brightness/ twinkle in her eye for photos.

I would say this lens is very similar to the Vivi Ring Brown, and slightly similar to the Scandi range with its natural shade and soft edge line with no harsh/ unnatural edge lines. Scandi’s colours have more shade variance and dimension, while Vivi Ring Brown and Real Ring Brown are a single shade.Β 

Vivi Ring Brown is a touch warmer/ reddish to me, while Real Ring Brown is more neutral.Β 

olens, contact lens, coloured contacts, brown lenses, grey lenses, gray lenses, olens review
olens, contact lens, coloured contacts, brown lenses, grey lenses, gray lenses, olens review

Like the Real Ring Brown, the Real Ring Gray is a single shade of grey that leans more muted/ neutral, with a subtle edge line effect due to the small graphic diameter. I’d say it is more of a true grey with slight blueish tint, with limited patterning and a clear look.

It’s hard for me to pinpoint a lens just like this one. I think I would say the tone of this grey is like Scandi Gray, but with less iris dimension/ patterning and less warm colours in the middle. Perhaps the outer ring is a bit like Eyelighter Glowy Ash Gray, but this one looks clearer/ brighter as well.

Since I can’t find another just like it, maybe for people looking for a true neutral gray lens, this is one for the books.Β 

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The Welcome Kits come with 20 lenses of a colour/range of your choice AND 3 pairs of 1 day sample lenses, which are given randomly! I love how it lets you to try out other popular colours and lenses– and who doesn’t love free gifts?

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I hope this review helps you pick out the best shade for your needs πŸ€—

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