OLENS Russian Smoky vs Russian Velvet Review

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Hi all~ I’m back with another OLENS review! Olens Global reached out to me again with the opportunity to do another comparison post of their popular ranges, the Russian Smoky and the Russian Velvet OLENS range!

I have previously reviewed these lenses separately, but now I’m here to offer a full comparison between the two and hopefully this helps in your picks for your next order!

P.S. If you haven’t read my previous review on the OLENS Scandi range, I would highly recommend checking that out first HERE. I have also reviewed their BlackPink series, so if you’re due a major shopping haul soon– happy reading! I hope my comparisons will help you decide 😎

If you stick all the way till the end of the post, you may see something that will help ease the burden on your wallet the next time you buy 😉

russian velvet, scandi, olens, olens scandi
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Product Russian Smoky Gray / Brown / Olive
Description Added 0.6mm of graphic size more to the Russian Velvet! The deep edge line gives you a new extreme natural enlarging effect. Russian Velvet upgraded to natural blended shades contact lenses, Russian Smoky!
Duration 1 Day (10 pieces)
Total Diameter 14.2 mm
Graphic_Diameter 13.3 mm
Base Curve 8.7 mm
Water Content 48%
Material Puscon
Power 0.00~-8.00
russian velvet, scandi, olens, olens scandi
olens, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, grey eyes, korea, russian velvet brown, brown lenses, blue lenses, russian velvet blue
Product Russian Velvet Gray / Brown / Blue / Green
Description Everyday contact lenses, this range features exotic and stylish colours that still look very natural
Duration 1 Month (2 pieces)
Total Diameter 14.0 mm
Graphic_Diameter 12.7 mm
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Water Content 38%
Material Hema
Power 0.00~-8.00

The new Russian Smoky range is 0.6mm bigger in graphic size compared to the Russian Velvet range, which covers the full iris area even more.

The material is also Puscon, with a higher water content of 48%. It is really comfortable and I have noticed that my eyes don’t feel as dry even after a full day’s wear!

What I love about the Russian Smoky range is that it is a little similar to my favourite OLENS Scandi range, with natural blended shades and a soft edge line. It blends in to your natural eye colour very well with no harsh or unnatural edges.

In my opinion the colours are even more beautiful than the Russian Velvet range as there is an extra dimension of depth and patterning! ✨ Of course, the Russian Velvet range is excellent for striking makeup looks, and would be excellent for photoshoots where a bright colour would stand out better.


The Russian Velvet green covers my dark brown eyes perfectly and is a warmer/ yellower-toned green than the Russian Smoky Olive.

The Russian Velvet Green lenses have a gorgeous multi-dimensional effect with green, yellow, and red that you can really see if you come up close. I’d say from afar/ in pictures, it looks a bit more hazel, but you can really see the beautiful details and flecks in bright light or sunlight.

The Russian Smoky Olive lenses have a subtle iris patterning with green and brown that you can really see if you come up close.

This is a true, soft green that you can see in many people with natural green eyes and OLENS has truly outdone themselves with this green IMO.

The colour mimics the subtle hazel shifts near the centre in natural green eyes and the green is not unnaturally bright. Super natural and flattering!

The patterns and colour differences help the contacts blend in with your natural eyes a bit more.

To avoid any unnatural ‘boundary’ between the contacts and your natural eye colour, there is a soft grey edge line over the darker olive colour.

This helps to accentuate the lighter colour a little more without it looking unnatural on dark eyes.

It looks very subtle and beautiful, and more realistic. I feel like I could even get away with lying that it is my natural eye colour LOL!

I don’t quite know how to describe the unique shades of grey these Russian lenses have- it is quite unlike any typical ‘grey’ colours! Unlike the Scandi Gray, these two grey lenses are more blueish in tone, and lean lighter. They both have soft/ non-existent edge lines and subtle colouring!

The russian velvet gray leans more towards a greenish/blueish grey, while the russian smoky gray is more of a true grey with slight blueish tint.

These are both very natural and wearable and the larger graphic diameter helps keep your natural eye colour from sliding out and revealing any darker eye colours below.

The issue I had previously with the Scandi Light Gray was that it contrasted quite a bit with my natural eye colour, so even the slightest shift in the lens would reveal my natural colour.

You can see how the graphic diameter is bigger than my natural eyes more clearly here. The edges are still kept soft though!

The Russian Velvet Brown is a light brown shade that entirely covers dark brown eyes and is more yellow-toned than the Russian Smoky Brown. The realistic iris pattern lines in the lens design helps it blend in very naturally with my dark eyes.

There is no edge line entirely and the soft gradient effect is very suited for sweet, doe-eyed looks.

The Russian Smoky Brown solved a lot of the problems I had with many brown contact lenses. A lot of brown contact lenses have mixed in yellow, orange, or reddish shades, and when added on top of my natural brown eyes, sometimes look a bit orange under certain lighting.

I’m sure it would look nice on perhaps blue or green eyes, but when added to brown eyes, you can see this effect under bright light.

This Russian Smoky Brown colour is more ashy-brown, with none of the orange or red iris patterns other contacts usually add in. I fell in love with this shade instantly! Usually, I tend to go for olive or grey shades, but this brown is just so beautiful.

The edge line on the brown is also more soft compared to the other colours in the Russian Smoky range in my opinion, so it is also great for people who prefer to have no or little limbal ring effect in their lenses.

olens, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, grey eyes, korea, russian velvet, blue, blue eyes
olens, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, grey eyes, korea, russian velvet brown, brown lenses, blue lenses, russian velvet blue

Although the blue shade is just gorgeous, I rarely reach for this for everyday wear as it is such a dramatic look! The blue has a tiny bit of yellow at the centre to help the colour blend in with your natural dark eyes, which I really appreciate. It helps to make the contacts look more natural.

olens, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, grey eyes, korea, russian velvet brown, brown lenses, blue lenses, russian velvet blue

From a distance, your eyes look blue/ turquoise due to the subtle blending, and will be absolutely stunning in an artsy IG shot! This striking colour will be perfect if you want to stand out.

Personally, if I were to go for a blue-eyed look, I would pick the Russian Velvet Gray or the Russian Smoky Gray instead. Most people with natural blue eyes rarely have the sort of vivid blue like the russian velvet blue!

olens global benefits

These are the offers that you can get if you sign up as an OLENS Global member!!

1. Buy 1 get 1 free on all monthly contacts! If you have found a shade you love and wear regularly, I recommend getting this deal.

2. For new member sign ups, you get a coupon with up to 15% off! You will also be entered into their rewards program, which nets you 1 point for every dollar spent, and you can earn more points by leaving text or photo reviews!

3. One offer that you should definitely not miss is their Welcome Kits (limited to 2, though I wish you could buy more 😍).

The Welcome Kits come with 20 lenses of a colour/range of your choice AND 3 pairs of 1 day sample lenses, which are given randomly! I love how it lets you to try out other popular colours and lenses– and who doesn’t love free gifts?

4. Free standard shipping for purchases over $100 USD, or free express shipping for purchases over $150 (delivery in 3 days!)!

I hope this review helps you pick out the best shade for your needs 🤗

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