OLENS Scandi Review

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OLENS is a brand that requires no introduction. They are my to-go brand for coloured contacts, and unparalleled for its wide variety of beautiful styles that are natural-looking and provide top-notch comfort for dry eyes.

I regularly use the Scandi and Spanish series, with Scandi Olive as my firm favourite. I have yet to try out the entire colour range, so when Olens Global reached out to me I was absolutely delighted to give the other colours a try! I hope this comparison post will be helpful for you if you are looking to try out the Olens Scandi range.

I’m all for experimenting with different styles in my makeup looks, and having different coloured eyes can can help to introduce a whole new look! It usually is quite difficult to find good lenses for dark coloured eyes like mine, and OLENS manages to deliver on colour payoff and comfort every time.

Solotica does this well too, but the price costs so much more so I can’t afford to try a few colours 😰 and most of their popular colours are only available in yearly lenses which is a deal breaker for me.

For my usual (uncoloured) contact lenses, I alternate between dailies and monthlies and I much prefer the comfort, hygiene, and convenience of daily lenses. I’m also kinda careless and forgetful and on a few occasions I have forgotten to clean and check on my monthlies, leaving them dried out in the case 😭

P.S. Before we dive right into the review, this is a PSA for all you readers: want to nab a 15% off coupon code? Stay on to the end of this review to see the exclusive Olens Global benefits and how you can get more bang for your buck the next time you stock up on coloured contacts.

scandi, olens, olens scandi
ProductScandi Gray / Hazel / Olive / Aqua / Light Gray
DescriptionAn upgraded version of the Spanish line, these are the contacts you see on Blackpink and they feature in their recent Ice Cream MV!!
Duration1Day (20 pieces) / 1 Month (2 pieces)
Total Diameter14.2 mm
Graphic Diameter11.9 mm
Base Curve8.7 mm
Water Content48%
olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, grey eyes, korea, light gray
love, olens, olens global, korea, contact lenses, contacts
  • Comfort for hours with PUSCON instead of Silicone hydrogel, doesn’t dry out my eyes even after a full day’s wear under air-conditioning. I’ve shopped at other brands like TTDEYE or Pinky Paradise, and Olens is by far the most comfortable.
  • Natural-looking even on dark asian eyes
  • Reasonable price for the quality
  • Fast shipping worldwide (DHL express). Honestly the fastest shipping I’ve ever experienced. My parcel arrived in just under 3 days after the dispatch notice 🤩
  • Good customer service and quick responses.
  • Regular promotions, making it more affordable. I usually stock up when they have bundle deals or discounted prices, and purchase more then so it lasts me quite a while before my next purchase.
  • Very handy search and recommendation options on the site. I usually prefer searching by bestsellers to see if there are any new designs or deals I have missed out on, but there is a handy #FindMyOlens tab that lets you compare numerous styles with customer images. Which brings us to the next point-
  • Lots of customer reviews and real-life photos to check before purchasing, so low risk of the style looking totally unlike what the promotional pictures show. I can’t stress this enough!! This is what I always look out for when I buy a new style, especially if I’m going to be buying several pairs.

Scandi Gray

olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, grey eyes, korea, light gray
olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, grey eyes, korea, light gray

One of the most popular shades from Olens and ranks consistently in the top three bestsellers every week. This colour is Blackpink Lisa and Jennie’s pick!! (if you want to share the same lenses as your idol hehe). I like the daily/ weekly/ monthly bestsellers filter, as it lets you see the popular picks or peep any offers you may have missed out on.

The Scandi series is slightly smaller in graphic diameter (11.9mm) than the Russian Velvet series (12.9mm), which I actually prefer. You can see a tiny bit of my natural eye colour surrounding the lens, which gives it a subtle limbal ring/ circle lens effect without the harsh black border of the traditional circle lens. The realistic iris pattern lines in the lens design helps it blend in very naturally with my dark eyes.

olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, grey eyes, korea, light gray

When comparing my natural eye colour to the lenses side by side under a bright light, it looks quite different and starkly contrasting, but when you have them on they look very natural. You can see this in Scandi Olive.

Scandi Olive

olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, green eyes, korea, olive
olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, green eyes, korea, olive

Scandi Olive is my favourite as it is the most subtle yet unique out of the whole range and I get compliments on it all the time– people have asked if it is my natural eye colour a few times! This shade is Blackpink Rosé’s pick (good taste, gurl). 😎👌

I wouldn’t say this shade is very green, but like a more natural version of the Scandi Hazel. Basically looks like my eye shade but better?? If that makes sense? If you are looking for a contact lens for bright green eyes, you should try a different range.

Here is a video where I wear the Scandi Olive!

(with my fave IG filter, lol)

Scandi Hazel

olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, hazel eyes, korea
olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, hazel eyes, korea

This shade is is a perfect light brown for a natural look. If you have naturally dark brown eyes and want a bit of a change but aren’t that daring with blue or purple or crazy colours, this is the shade for you.

This shade is actually lighter than Olive in my opinion and is a very flattering brown shade that will actually show up in pictures.

olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, hazel eyes, korea

Scandi Aqua

olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, blue eyes, korea

This is a shade I would not normally wear, so I’m glad I got the chance to try it on with the samples that were sent! It has a really nice aquamarine shade and looks really complex and multidimensional with all the subtle lens shading in it.

I feel like lighter brown/ blonde hair would look amazing with these lenses, or with dramatic makeup looks like the ones on Blackpink Jisoo and Lisa in the Ice Cream MV 👀

scandi olens, olens, blackpink

Scandi Light Gray

olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, grey eyes, korea, light gray
olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, grey eyes, korea, light gray

This shade is quite similar to Russian Silver, but again has a more prominent limbal ring effect with the smaller graphic diameter. On my eyes, this is slightly blueish-grey.

olens,, contact lens, lenses, eyes, gray eyes, grey eyes, korea, light gray

If I were to go for a more natural look with blue eyes, this is the style I would go for. Most people with blue eyes have them look blue/ grey under different lighting conditions, instead of a vivid blue like the Scandi Aqua.

scandi, scandi olens, olens. korea, grey eyes, gray eyes, scandi light gray

Some points to take note:

  • The parcel is delivered by DHL Express which makes it very fast and reliable. However, if you live in a country that charges customs & tax (esp. in the west), this will cause the price of your order to go up dramatically. This is not an issue for me but may be a deal-breaker for others.
  • Mobile site may be confusing at times, I much prefer the desktop view. The app is easier to navigate but the desktop site still wins out.
olens global benefits

Okay, I know you have been waiting for this part. Maybe you’re already sold on how gorgeous these lenses are but want to know how you can save on more while you spend. 🤩 These are the offers that you can get if you sign up as an OLENS Global member!!

1. Buy 1 get 1 free on all monthly contacts! If you have found a shade you love and wear regularly, I recommend getting this deal.

2. For new member sign ups, you get a coupon with up to 15% off! You will also be entered into their rewards program, which nets you 1 point for every dollar spent, and you can earn more points by leaving text or photo reviews!

3. One offer that you should definitely not miss is their Welcome Kits (limited to 2, though I wish you could buy more 😍).

The Welcome Kits come with 20 lenses of a colour/range of your choice AND 3 pairs of 1 day sample lenses, which are given randomly! I love how it lets you to try out other popular colours and lenses– and who doesn’t love free gifts?

If you love the colours shown in this review, you can pick Gray or Hazel from the Scandi range for your Welcome Kit 👀

4. Free standard shipping for purchases over $100 USD, or free express shipping for purchases over $150 (delivery in 3 days!)!

I hope this review helps to break down the shades available in the Scandi range and help you pick out the best shade for your needs 🤗

Out of the ranges available with Olens, the Scandi range is by far my favourite. What are the shades you love best in this line and why?