5 Mejuri Pieces You Should Add to Your Jewellery Collection Right Now

I have been purchasing numerous pieces from Mejuri for many years now and I can say without any qualms that they are my favourite jewellery brand.

They never fail to deliver on quality, affordability, ethics, and excellent customer service, and the community is so friendly and creative. It is definitely a brand worth sticking by, with excellent staple + statement pieces– there’s sure to be something for everyone regardless of what style you prefer.

If you have never seen their site/ Instagram before, I definitely recommend popping over for a browse– I get so much inspiration for styling my stack + IG shots on there!

And if you are a total newbie to jewellery like I was all those years ago, that’s okay. I’ve summed up 5 Mejuri pieces (and pairing suggestions!) I feel are absolute essentials to add to your collection– and why I love them!

(all images are from Mejuri.com)

1. Stacker Ring

The Stacker Ring is the perfect starter ring or a perfect addition to your ample ring collection. Crafted in 14k solid gold, this ring is excellent for daily wear and I never ever take it off!

It is super lightweight and I forget I have it on most of the time– except when I get compliments on it (which is often). I have been recommending it to all my friends, and this one never disappoints. These are a good affordable add-on gift or as Christmas stocking stuffers, coming in at only $75 USD.

After you pick this up, don’t just stop there (I couldn’t resist). The beaded ring and bold stacker are also good stackable rings worth checking out. You can also splurge on a good stackable diamond ring that will last forever!

2. Croissant Dôme Ring 

This piece is an excellent statement piece that is classy, chic, and embodies the quintessential Parisian look. Taking inspiration from the croissant, this ring is perfect for all your Emily in Paris inspired OOTDs with the right amount of Parisian flair.

Handcrafted in vermeil (a thick 18k gold layer on sterling silver), this ring has held up well for me even a year on with regular wear. It is really unique and looks perfect in a vintage-inspired outfit or aesthetic flatlay.

Some reviews have mentioned wanting it to look chunkier, but I think on my hands it is the right amount of chunk– a good balance between elegant and statement-y.

This piece is also $75 USD. If you look after it well, you will get years and years of wear out of it.

3. Sapphire Choker

This was my first piece from Mejuri. Coming in at $65 USD, it is such a good starter piece for anyone who wants to start owning some good-quality jewellery but doesn’t know where to begin.

I love how Mejuri offers a good affordable substitute for diamonds that doesn’t compromise too much on sparkle by having gorgeous white sapphires. I prefer it to cubic zirconia, which is man-made and softer than white sapphires, which means it is more susceptible to scratches. It is also cheaper than the other diamond substitute, moissanite.

Photo by @gracejayde | Mejuri.com

The chain is vermeil and I admittedly did not follow the care instructions at all. I wore it daily and did not remove it before sleeping or showering, which meant that it inevitably snapped during adjustment/ tugging, slightly a year after I bought it due to the stress caused on the links.

I contacted Mejuri, asking for a quote on repairing it because I was devastated and they surprised me by offering a replacement for free! 😭❤

I was absolutely blown away by their kind gesture and also the little extra something special they slipped in– I snapped it a few weeks before my birthday and they noticed and included a ‘Happy Birthday’ card inside! How’s that for excellent customer service? More than the free replacement, this was what truly touched my heart.

Brands everywhere, I hope you’re taking notes 👀

This is how you do it and secure brand loyalty.

Pair with the Satellite Necklace ($85 USD)– also in vermeil and white sapphires– for the perfect layered look. Complete it with a strong pendant necklace. I recommend the zodiac series, in vermeil and white sapphires ($90 USD) or solid gold and diamonds ($375).

Love the Sapphire Choker but too lazy to take it off? If you want an upgrade that won’t tarnish + extra sparkle, opt for the Diamond Necklace instead. This is a pricier piece at $300 USD, but the 14k gold and (ethically sourced!!!) diamond makes it worth it.

The diamond is high-quality diamond (SI 1- 2 clarity) and the carat weight is 0.06. Definitely a dainty piece, but very appropriate for all occasions from casual to professional settings.

Pair it with the Diamonds Station Necklace ($320 USD) for the perfect layered style that is minimal and classy. You can also layer it up with the zodiac series in solid gold and diamonds for a more casual look.

This piece is next on my to-buy list for this year’s Black Friday sale. I can’t wait to splurge on this solid piece that will last me forever!

4. Single Colored Mini Hoop (White Sapphire)

Another staple piece to add to your ear stack (or wear alone!). The hinge clasp is very solid and doesn’t dislodge easily, but is still super easy to put on and wear.

The hoop is 14k solid gold and the white sapphire is AAA quality, so it doesn’t tarnish. It is a very light, dainty hoop that is perfect for everyday wear. I haven’t taken mine off since I got it!

It looks gorgeoussss as a stack, especially above a nice dangling earring (I recommend the pearl hoops or keeping it minimalist with a sapphire hoop!).

Photo by @veroniquebelle | Mejuri.com

You won’t regret buying it– it’s something that looks super classy and elegant and is perfect for lazy days where you don’t want to fuss about with extra accessories. This is sold individually, at $60 USD each.

5. Organic Pearl Hoops 

I know there are a thousand other different brands all offering a very similar style, but here’s why Mejuri is the winner for me.

  • Organic pearl with a beautiful, irregular shape and look! None of that factory-made standard sizing that just looks fake and cheap.
  • Looks classy, dainty, and minimal– a very lovely feminine piece that can be paired with just about any look. They are small enough to be suitable for a professional setting too.
  • Not too heavy– the hoop is small, and the dangling pearl does not weigh my earlobes down.
  • Ethically sourced– may be pricier than some brands offering real pearls too, but the price point is worth it. ($75 USD)